Deadline extended to Friday 30 June for Special Issue on 'Water'


We would like to welcome further contributions to the Special Issue on 'Water', in article or creative form.  The deadline has thus been extended till Friday 30 June.

The Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies welcomes contributions of scholarly research and creative writing on nineteenth-century representations of water and its significance.

Topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Different bodies and forms of water (still and flowing, steam and ice)
  • Tides
  • Water and technology
  • Blue humanities, wet ontologies, and critical ocean studies
  • Indigenous representations of water
  • Water travel, islands, and liminal spaces
  • Immigration and colonialism
  • Water metaphors and poetics; genre; hydrofiction
  • Religion and sacred waters
  • Eco-criticism and poetic waterways
  • Fluidity: gender; between realism and romance
  • Water in natural history
  • Water in the human body
  • Water as an element: working with or in opposition to fire, air and earth
  • Water as a force of nature; floods and droughts and tsunamis (natural disasters)
  • Water and death

This special edition will be launched at the AVSA 2023 conference.

Essays and creative pieces should be submitted to AJVS by Friday 30 June, 2023.

Scholarly Essays: 5000-8000 words

Creative writing: Up to 2000 words prose or up to 4 pages of poetry.

Enquiries should be sent to Lesa Scholl ([email protected]), Helen Blythe ([email protected]), or Alexandra Lewis ([email protected]).