Evangelical Countercult Apologists versus Astrology: An Unresolved Conundrum


  • Philip Johnson
  • Simeon Payne


Astrology is a religious, divinatory tool with an ancient pedigree found across many cultures. In the current era astrology is widely used in do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches to spirituality. Since the Reformation, there have been three primary Evangelical Protestant responses to astrology: "critical rejection", "qualified embrace", and "apologetic engagement". Contemporary polemics resemble a form of reality maintenance bounded by "fear" of the alien other, with the objective being the nihilation, of astrology as a spiritual competitor. Evangelical Protestants face increased challenges from DIY spiritualities concerning divination and guidance. This paper inquires into the Evangelical responses, noting how each one reflects sympathies or antipathies toward the concept of natural theology or general revelation in the history of Christian thought. The discussion explores these issues, as well as considering what theological questions arise vis-à-vis astrology.