The role of regulators and professional regulations in fostering the use of electronic health data to strengthen Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for medical practitioners: a documentary data analysis and semi-structured interviews with key informants.


  • Carol Pizzuti The University of Sydney
  • Tim Shaw The University of Sydney
  • Cristiana Palmieri The University of Sydney


Background: Currently, several barriers and challenges hinder a meaningful and effective use of electronic health data analysis for performance feedback and strengthened CPD for medical practitioners. Among other factors, medical regulators and professional regulations play a pivotal role in addressing them.

Aims: The study aims to compare existing professional regulations for medical practitioners in 5 selected countries in order to understand how these policies and standards conceptualise, envision, and affect the use of electronic health data for performance feedback and strengthened CPD.

Methods: Policies, standards, grey literature, and other documentary data on professional regulation for medical practitioners in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and the US were collected, reviewed, and compared to examine content and aims. In addition, 18 semi-structured interviews with international key informants from relevant Medical Regulatory and Certifying Bodies were conducted and thematically analysed to investigate the context, rationale, and applicability of those regulations.

Results: An initial analysis of the data shows that a relatively recent shift in professional regulations is having a strong influence on the uptake of electronic health data analysis for performance feedback and strengthened CPD. Moreover, preliminary findings indicate that medical regulators will need to play advocacy role to address existing implementation barriers.

Conclusions: Final considerations will be shared at study completion.





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