Trialling MedApp as a digital tool to increase timely access to information, improve engagement with new graduate nurses and midwives and in the COVID-19 Testing Clinic and Vaccination Hubs across South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD)


  • Dan Shaw South East Sydney Local Health District
  • Barb Crawford SESLHD
  • Sally Peters SESLHD
  • Tom Collins MedApp
  • Duncan Paradice MedApp


Background:In 2020, an application for funding was successful for the development of a digital solution, building on a pilot at the Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH). Given the current pandemic response environment, there is a critical need to develop an industry leading Nursing and Midwifery skills development approach, enabled by emerging technology. Currently Nursing orientation and information on-boarding processes at SESLHD are not standardized. Med App is an offline-accessible, mobile-first tool for accessing clinical and hospital guidelines, communicating with clinicians, and facilitating education and training. It offers an innovative digital solution to support not only Orientation, but also staff education, quality improvement, real-time clinical decision support and communication. Over the last 6 months, the tool has been trialed in a COVID-19 testing clinic and a Vaccination Hub. 

Aims: To address the growing healthcare system pressures requiring remote and innovative ways of delivering education and information to clinicians, enhancing access to information and education in a way that provides an alternate medium to interact with educators, teams and colleagues.

Methods: Rollout via New Graduate coordinators to 2021 new Graduate Nurses and Midwives prior to commencement of graduate program. Mixed method evaluation focusing on a time in motion study, interviews, focus groups and surveys will explore the experiences of participants. 

Results: To date, over 300 users across 7 SESLHD facilities with 859 hours of productive time returned to practice.

Conclusions: With a formal evaluation underway, early data shows strong engagement with the platform by both users and coordinators with anecdotal data further demonstrating the value of timely access to information in a rapidly changing world.