The Commercialisation Journey for a Mobile Health Application – from mobile pulmonary rehabilitation (m-PR) prototype to Perx-R


  • Zoe McKeough The University of Sydney
  • Sally Wootton Northern Sydney Local Health District
  • Marita Dale The University of Sydney
  • Jennifer Alison The University of Sydney
  • Andrew Chan Northern Sydney Local Health District
  • Marlien Varnfield Australian eHealth Research Centre
  • Mark Brooke Lung Foundation Australia
  • Hugo O'Rourke Perx Health


Background: In 2020, a mobile health platform that provides comprehensive, evidence-based pulmonary rehabilitation called m-PR was developed following collaboration between the University of Sydney, Northern Sydney Local Health District, The Australian eHealth Research Centre (CSIRO), Lung Foundation Australia and the Better Breathing Foundation. This m-PR prototype, co-designed with consumers, has undergone user testing in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and it’s effectiveness on clinical outcomes and health economics is currently being evaluated in a RCT. In 2021, a decision was made to partner with Perx Health, an established digital care company, to commercialise m-PR.

Aims: To outline the approach taken from developing and evaluating the m-PR prototype to commercialisation.

Methods: A reflection of a 4 year journey from ideation of m-PR to commercialisation as Perx-R.

Results: Perx Health consists of a daily engagement platform to improve the health of high risk, polychronic patients by promoting medication adherence, exercise programs, text-based health coaching, remote monitoring, education resources, and completion of surveys. The “know-how” in developing m-PR has been merged to the Perx Platform providing COPD specific exercise, education and medication videos, COPD-specific text notifications, and digitalisation of symptom and health status surveys. Perx Health is supporting the Perx-R platform with their in-house product, software engineering and implementation specialists who are dedicated to using their digital industry experience to advance virtual care for respiratory disease in Australia.

Conclusions: Perx-R is now commercially available to provide a comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program and support self-management behaviours for people with chronic lung diseases.