The History of University Life seminar series was established in 2008 as a discussion forum about the history of student and academic life at the University of Sydney.

The seminars explore the University from a number of perspectives including that of social, intellectual and cultural history as well as the place of universities within society.

The seminars are hosted by St Paul’s, Australia’s oldest college, at the University of Sydney. They take place over lunch and always prompt a lively discussion. They are held more or less monthly during term, and are convened by Emeritus Professor Alan Atkinson, Dr Julia Horne and Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Sherington.

Where possible, the papers are available through this portal, either in printed form or as audio recordings. Either way, they reflect the casual delivery style of a seminar rather than the formal presentation of a finished article. In a number of cases, the seminar paper has been the basis for further work which has subsequently been published.

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Seminars (Abstracts)
Note - 2009 Seminar 'Leslie Wilkinson’s Masterplan for the University of Sydney' - Abstract not available
Published: 2011-12-28
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