Front matter and Introduction - Journal of the Sydney Society for Scottish History, Volume 2 (1994)


  • Malcolm D. Broun


One of the privileges of a learned society is to hold a prestigous annual
lecture inviting a distinguished scholar to deliver it. Our Society's major
annual event is the Geoffrey Perrow Memorial Lecture. We are glad to
include a piece in this issue giving a brief account of the person after whom
the lecture is named. It is hoped that all of these Geoffrey Perrow Memorial
Lectures will be included in due course in this journal. We had hoped to catch
up by publishing a special issue with all that have so far been given, but the
committee has decided to publish one or two in each issue. The most recent,
by Leonie Hayne of the department of Classics, Archaeology and Ancient
History at Sydney University, is included in this issue.

Author Biography

Malcolm D. Broun