Scottish Society at the time of William Wallace


  • Sybil M. Jack


William Wallace, Scotland history


That the Scots were identified as separate people by the late tenth and early eleventh century can be seen from the chronicles of Durham which record their passage and both successful and failed attempts at conquest. I Whether they were independent or vassal kings was not a matter of major significance at the time. Some of them looked to England for support. Malcolm Canmore in 1072 was forced to submit to William the Conqueror at Abernethy. This did not stop him raiding southwards later. His son Edgar said in a charter that he was king "by the grant of my lord, William, king of the English and by paternal inheritance"2 and he bore a sword at William Rufus's coronation. Henry I took to wife a Scottish princess. Later kings of Scotland took English queens. The Scottish kings did homage to the English for English lands such as the earldom of Huntingdon, but then the English kings did homage to the French for some of the lands they held in France.3