Front matter and Introduction - Journal of the Sydney Society for Scottish History, Volume 8 (2000)


  • Malcolm D. Broun


For a learned journal to survive for eight substantial issues is regrettably becoming less and less common. We have survived because of the continuing success of our monthly neetings and occasional extra meetings. In our earlier years there were mostly eleven meeting a year. Now we seem to be normally at least thirteen meetings each year. We survive also because of the considerable effort put into the preparation of each issue by our editor, Dr Gwynne F T Jones, and the production supervisor for each issue, for this issue our long-time esteemed member, former Associate Professor at Sydney University, Sybil M Jack with help from Dr Bernadette Masters. We do not have any large regular library subscriptions the way that long-time well-established historical journals have, but our sales to our regular members and the sales of issues that contain items of particular interest to a wide range of international scholars, have continued to keep us afloat. We do have still available all of our back numbers and we are happy to provide any inquirers with a complete schedule of the articles contained. The sale of back numbers keeps us in funds for the publication of future numbers.

Author Biography

Malcolm D. Broun