The Scotts in Zeeland


  • Con Scott Reed


I am a member of the Scott Clan through my mother's side of the family. The Chief of the Clan is The Duke of Buccleuch, who also holds the title of the Marquis of Queens berry. As is not unusual, the search for family background commenced with an interrogation of my own family and along with the aid of the I.G.I., it was possible to trace the family tree back to its origin in the Orkney Islands. On impulse in 1985, I wrote a Jetter to the Bishop of Orkney asking if any Scotts were still in Orkney. To my delight, a letter was received from Nan Scott, who is Chairperson of the Orkney Family History Society.1 Indeed my forebears were known and closely related to her. Subsequently, when visiting the Orkneys, a still more distant cousin, Eoin Flett Scott, told of his experience in 1968. His farm on Mainland (the main island of the Orkneys) was in early times, a Viking farm. The farm of Redland was covered in title by odal Jaw: that is, an original title granted from the Norse times.

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Con Scott Reed