Diversity and Abundance of Club and Coral Fungi in the Upper Lane Cove Valley


  • V. J. McPherson
  • Max M. Gillings
  • Michael R. Gillings


The Kingdom Fungi are central players in the ecology and biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems. Despite this importance, the diversity, distribution and abundance of fungal species are poorly known. Here, we undertook an intensive survey of club and coral fungi in the Upper Lane Cove Valley, Sydney, Australia. Over a two-year period, we collected more than 1100 specimens, and identified these to genus using a combination of DNA barcoding and morphology. The majority of specimens did not match any sequences in GenBank at more than 95% similarity, meaning that many of these fungi are either poorly represented in DNA databases, or are potentially novel species. A number of hotspots for fungal diversity and abundance were identified, largely along creek lines draining southwest through coachwood dominated vegetation. Notably, these hotspots all lie outside the adjacent Lane Cove National Park.