22: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Polymer Studies (1980)


  • Stanley Roy Johns Division of Applied Organic Chemistry, CSIRO


The Liversidge Research Lecture, delivered before the Royal Society of New South Wales, 19th June., 1980. Reproduced by permission of the Royal Society of New South Wales from J. Proc. Roy. Soc. N.S.W., 1980, 113, 69-80.

"13C nmr spectroscopy is now extensively used in both synthetic and biological polymer studies. Structural and dynamic properties of a polymer can be determined from the 13C nmr chemical shift and relaxation time parameters. Examples from both the synthetic and biological fields are presented together with descriptions of new techniques for the analysis of end groups and the determination of tacticity in synthetic polymers."

Author Biography

Stanley Roy Johns, Division of Applied Organic Chemistry, CSIRO

Stanley Roy Johns graduated from the University of New England in 1957, and went on to complete his PhD as a NSW State Cancer Council Research Student at the University of Sydney. In 1964, he was appointed as Research Scientist at the CSIRO Division of Organic Chemistry that later became the Division of Chemicals and Polymers. Much of his published work was on the structure determination of alkaloids from Australian plants. Stan Johns’ death at the relatively young age of 51 deprived CSIRO of an excellent chemist, and a popular colleague.


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Stanley Roy Johns portrait.