24: The Birth and Growth of Latex Particles (1984)


  • Donald Harold Napper School of Chemistry, University of Sydney


Unfortunately, this is the only lecture for which a manuscript has not been published. The PDF includes biographical information on Professor Napper.

This Liversidge Research Lecture was delivered by Associate Professor D.H. Napper at a meeting of the Royal Society of New South Wales on Wednesday 17 October, 1984, held at the University of New South Wales.

The author did not produce a manuscript of this Lecture for publication by the Society – nor was it published elsewhere.

Author Biography

Donald Harold Napper, School of Chemistry, University of Sydney


After graduating M.Sc from the University of Sydney in 1960, Donald Harold Napper received a Colonial Sugar Refining Scholarship and completed his PhD at Kings College Cambridge on light scattering of silver bromide. He returned to Sydney as a Lecturer in Chemistry in 1966, and was Head of the School of Chemistry from 1983–84 and 1990–92. He eventually became the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head, College of Sciences and Technology, retiring as Emeritus Professor.


For additional biographical information, photographic permissions, references and a list of honours, awards and publications, please see pages 2–4 of the transcript.

Portrait of Donald Harold Napper