The first Greek-Australian Review: re-organisation in the Greek-Australian communities of the post-mass migration era


  • Toula Nicolacopoulos La Trobe University, Melbourne
  • George Vassilacopoulos La Trobe University, Melbourne


Includes image:'the harbor of Kalamata', 1911.'


Researchers have analysed the post-1950 phenomenon of large concentrations of migrants within certain types of industry by focusing on its systemic impact on the Australian labour force and on the quality of the migrants’ lives. In contrast, our research examines the nature and quality of the migrants’ own interventions in twentieth century Australian cultural and political life. These interventions have included establishing an extensive organisational and communication network, which the Greek-Australian activists relied upon from the early 1960s to facilitate the absorption of the newly arriving migrants into the established political culture of the Greek-Australian communities in the major cities. In this paper we lend support to our claim that the material preconditions for establishing this network were partly secured in the 1950s following the activists’ efforts to establish their own national print media in the form of the publication of the first Greek-Australian Review.