Aspects of Proclus’ Interpretation on the Theory of the Platonic Forms


  • Christos A Terezis University of Patras


Academe has been occupied with Plato’s ontological theories during its historical advancement. Many academics from the very first, Xenokrates to the very last one, Damascius attempt to methodically interpret special points of the Platonic ontology by highlighting the theory concerning metaphysical Forms. As far as the Platonic tradition is concerned, the most systematic annotator of the Athenian philosopher is Proclus (412-485), who unde takes to explain further in most of his works the two ways of the presence of the Forms, the transcendental and the one immanent in the discernible/tangible beings. This investigation is certainly a part of the ulterior target that he, himself, has posed from the very beginning which is to analyze and even spotlight the way in which the metaphysical world produces the ‘physical’ one. He, therefore, indites principles that he implements with consistency so as to bring a theory forward on Forms that are strongly based on a great substructure and inner cohesion.