The Problem of Time in the Critical Writings of Jorge-Luis Borges


  • Paolo Bartoloni University of Sydney


Time is one of those master words appearing at constant intervals in the work of Borges;for him it is one of the key metaphors which “Pueden ser todo para todos, como elApóstol” (1989: 153). In Historia de la eternidad, Borges called it “Un tembloroso yexigente problema, acaso el más vital de la metafísica” (1980: 315).

In order to unravel this pervasive and fundamental metaphysical problem for his ownnarratological purposes, Borges explores far and wide the extensive literature on time.One has to remember that Borges, as Eco puts it, “appears to have read everything (andeven more, given that he has reviewed nonexistent books)” (1990: 156).