About the Journal

The National Centre for Cultural Competence at The University of Sydney is pleased to announce its upcoming conference Cultural Competence in Higher Education: Provocations, Policy, and Practice. 

The conference will provide a valuable opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and showcase innovative approaches to cultural competence across the sector.

The overarching theme of this conference is cultural competence and its intersection with the higher education sector from multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and Indigenous Knowledges perspectives and will focus broadly on provocations, policy, and practice.

The conference will explore:

  • current critical and provocative issues in theory and practice of cultural competence. 
  • organisational policies and frameworks. 
  • innovative approaches to the practice of cultural competence in higher education. 

Abstracts are invited that address these key themes and may include, but are not limited to, the following subthemes: 

  • Indigenous Knowledges and the Academy 
  • Culturally competent methodologies 
  • Culturally competent systems and organisations  
  • Culturally competent leadership  
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Artificial Intelligence and cultural competence
  • Internationalisation of Higher Education  
  • Cultural competence in communication and media  
  • Cultural competence and the arts for social change

Practitioners, teachers, and researchers are encouraged to submit an abstract to highlight their work in the cultural competence space.

Header image: Artwork by Nikita Ridgeway