About twelve months ago, during the big upsurge of interest in science fiction then occurring, an enthusiast by the name of Kevin Dillon brought out a weekly newsletter of items interesting to science fiction readers. It circulated amongst the members of a community of these people, who had become known to one another when one of their number, Arthur Haddon, hand-printed twelve hundred circulars, and enlisted the cooperation of Gordon and Gotch, Ltd., to distribute them to readers of ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION. It is felt that a science fiction newssheet like this can be of great service to readers, and a group of five, including the original publisher, is setting out to produce one.           

The members of the group are:

R. D. Nicholson, P. Burke, K. Dillon, Miss N. Williams, and J. Earls. 

Each will be responsible for the material carried by the one issue out of five which he will edit.

The big news in science fiction at the moment is the opening at the Capitol Theatre tomorrow – Friday July 2, of the awaited “War of the Worlds”, which, we are told, resembles in places an H.G. Wells novel of the same name.

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June, 1960: Scansion Weekly Science Fiction Newsletter
Published: 2015-06-16


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