Scansion No. 21 – Thursday, 23rd December, 1954


  • R. D. Nicholson


The last time the chore of bringing out SCANSION fell to me, I managed to get the numbering somewhat astray, thereby adding to the wrongs we have heaped upon the odd characters who choose to collect outpourings such as this, and carefully file them away. Serve them right, anyway. For the record, Michael Duggan's issue was correctly 
numbered 18, mine numbered 18 should have been 19, Pat Burke's 20, and so we now arrive at 21.

Today' s news of course is the expected visit of Arthur C. Clarke to the Thursday evening S-F club meeting at 333 George Street. Because it is difficult to imagine two more diverse types than Robert Heinlein and Jack Chandler, the two "names" to visit us so far. Mr Clarke will undoubtedly be examined in minute detail by the fen, to
determine what manner of fowl be he.