Scansion No.27 (B) - Thursday, 17th February, 1955


  • P. E. Burke


THE RETURN OF GLICK. Last Thursday evening, members of tho Sydney SF Group were highly delighted to welcome into their midst again - for the second week in succession - our old friends, Bluey and Lorelei. Very good to have this well nown and well liked couple back in Sydney again and it is to be hoped that we will see a good deal more of them in the future. Bluey, full of enthusiasm after having been responsible the previous Sunday evening for injecting a good deal of new life and enthusiasm into Futurian Society affairs inserted the not inconsiderable Glick charm and eloquence in an attempt to recruit some of tho ex-Futuxians and others, back to the fold. In view of the very
obvious sincerity that Bluey shows, one cannot but wish him luck in his earnest attempt to heal the existing broach.