An Evaluation of Department of Education Produced Grade 7 Biology Modules by Biology Experts and Science Teachers

Maria Lourdes G. Tan


Teachers play an essential role in the evaluation of learning materials. As facilitators of learning, they ensure that learning materials serve their purpose of bringing about the effective teaching-learning process. This study aimed to evaluate the Department of Education (DepEd)-produced Grade 7 Biology Modules as perceived by Biology Experts and Science Teachers in the 16 public secondary schools in the Division of Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines. The modules are evaluated based on the seven dimensions: a) content, b) presentation and organization, c) learning activities, d) evaluation activities, e) accuracy and up-to-dateness of information, f) format and g) sufficient availability of materials. The demographic profile of 17 Biology experts showed that the majority are female, BSED graduates in Biological Sciences with a doctoral degree in Biology and 1-15 years teaching Biology subjects. Grade 7 Science teachers are mostly females who have a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, with master's units and 1-2 years teaching Grade 7 Science in the K to 12 Curriculum. Biology experts and science teachers assessed the five modules using descriptive survey method employing quantitative and qualitative analysis. They both evaluated the modules satisfactory in the seven dimensions. However, they pointed out suggestions for improvement of the modules.
Keywords: Biology Experts, Teachers, Modules, Evaluation

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