The Vitamins as Necessities of Life

Henry Priestley


The most obvious reasons for which we take food are (1) for the production of energy to carry on the functions associated with living, (2) to make good "wear and tear" tn fue body machine, and (3), during growth, to provide material for new tissues. For the production of energy we require a certain quantity of starch or sugar and some fat. For making good "wear and tear" and for growth we need, in addition, some of the nitrogen containing foodstuff, protein. In addition we must have water and certain mineral salts. At the beginning of this century it was generally considered by students of nutrition that if one consumed the necessary amounts and right proportions of carbohydrates (i.e., starch and the sugars), fats and proteins of good quality, together with the necessary amounts and kinds of mineral salts and water, one had all that was required for maintenance and health.

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