Front matter - Volume 1 (2) 1934 - Science, Culture, and Education

Editors, Environment


"I have yet to meet a scientist who prides himself on his ignorance of the classics; I have met many who had a far sounder appreciation of the great literary works of the past than had their contemporaries who received purely a so-called cultural training ; and I meet some who have maintained their familiarity with the Ancient Authors and are able to quote Latin or Greek for their purpose. Most people who have specialised in scientific work draw freely upon the storehouse of the past, maintain particularly an interest in the history of the development o.f science, and regret that they have not more time to spend in reading and thinking outside their specialised researches. We regret also that there are people trained as specialists in certain branches of scienee who are uncultured, not only in that they are unfamiliar with the ancients, but that they are unacquainted even with the best in modern literature.

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