Eucalyptus Oils

A. R. Penfold


The mention of Eucalyptus oil recalls immediately its use for a cough or cold by placing three drops of the oil on a piece of sugar and the swallowing of the confection. A better method of treatment is by inhaling the oil from the surface of water which has been heated to boiling point. The efficacy of the oil, especially for the treatment of influenza and severe cold in the head is considerably enhanced by the addition of a few crystals of menthol to the oil. These particular uses are very well-known, but many other and, in my opinion, more important uses are not so well-known. There is no better substance for the removal of grease stains and tar from clothes, even the most delicately coloured fabrics, than certain grades of Eucalyptus Oil which will be described later. Apart from their use as clothes cleaners, Eucalyptus Oils are very useful for the renovation of tapestry, car and furniture upholstery.

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