Information for Candidates Sitting for the Forthcoming Intermediate and Leaving Certificate Examinations

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Issued once each  term, in the interests of The Science Teachers Association of N.S.W.. by EDGAR H. BOOTH, University of Sydney.

THE examinations for which you are about to present yourselves are intended as a test of your knowledge and of your educational attainments. The examiners are human beings, who have themselves submitted to examinations, and who have many years of the experience behind them in the examining of candidates; "they are not imbued with any savage desire to fail candidates, but rather rejoice with everyone who passes, and desire to set such papers and award such marks as will ensure a pass for every normal student who has worked reasonably and conscientiously throughout his course, even in subjects which he imagines he does not like. Do not rush. Do not be frightened of a paper. After all, you will meet. many emergencies in life, apart from examinations in school subjects, and you will find that you are best able to deal with them if you relax your nervous tension and keep your head. Your ordinary school classes correspond to the routine of your future occupations; examinations, as well as being merely a test of your knowledge, are the unusual occurrences which test your ability to deal with a situation coolly. and to the best of your knowledge and experience.

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