VII. A Distinguished Botanist to Visit Australia

Francis Ernest Lloyd


Professor Lloyd, who will be visiting Australia this year, and who will deliver public lectures in the capital cities under arrangements made by the universities concerned, is Professor, Emeritus, of Botany of McGill University, Montreal, Canada. The " emeritus " implies that he no longer occupies the Chair; a Professor ceases to enjoy or employ that title when he retires or resigns from his position, the title passing to the new occupant of the hypothetical "Chair" ; but in certain cases when the late occupant has been exceptionally distinguished in his particular subject, and has also occupied his position at that university for a considerable time, the governing body may, on his resignation, confer upon him the title of Professor, Emeritus. Professor Lloyd occupied the Chair of Botany at McGill from 1912 till 1934 ; he is now travelling the world, continuing his botanical studies. At present he is in South Africa, but will enter Australia at Sydney, arriving by the Themistocles on April 17th; although interested in the flora of our eastern States, his actual field work in Australia will be done in the west; he will probably spend some considerable time in Western Australia. 

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