Examinations: How To Pass Them Being Concentrated And Valuable Advice To All Examinees

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As you would expect, the first observation is that you require to know sufficient about the subject in which you are being examined. In that case, you should not fail; but if you do not know enough about the subject, you may merely be lucky enough to pass. Is it possible to fail in an examination if you have a good knowledge of your work! The student who, at school, sometimes gets over fifty and sometimes under fifty per cent is in the class that is "lucky to pass"; he might, by meeting a paper that was not the paper he would set himself, quite easily get down in the thirties, or be might be so upset (he would call himself a "bad examinee ") that he does even worse than that. Again, he might be lucky, and the examiner and he have seen (metaphorically) eye to eye in setting the paper.

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