Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives (IEJ) publishes original research about educational theory, policy and practice. We publish research about all stages and forms of education. As a comparative education journal, we are especially interested in work that is either explicitly or implicitly comparative. Explicitly comparative research includes cross-national studies or studies that compare educational phenomena in a range of countries. Implicitly comparative research typically means single nation case studies that contribute to a larger comparative framework about the topic. Such studies must show how the particular case is theoretically relevant for readers outside the given country. Studies that do not include such a contextual and theoretical rationale are often better suited in journals that specialize in the given topic (e.g., journals about science education, educational psychology, etc.).

IEJ seeks articles that will have a wide relevance to the comparative and international education community. Articles about very specific educational practices or curriculum areas are better suited in specialist journals. We also do not typically publish articles about foreign language teaching.

The majority of articles in IEJ report original research. The research may use primary data, or may involve secondary analyses from available data sets, policy documents or reports. We occasionally publish literature reviews if the topic is considered by the editorial team as particularly relevant.


Section Policies

General Refereed Papers

Papers appearing in this section are drawn from the submission received after undergoing double blind peer review and editorial review. Submission is only by the website and requires the author/s to submit according to the requirements laid out in the initial submission pages.

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Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Book Reviews

Registered journal users will be invited to write reviews of books received from publishers. Detailes of Books to be reviewed will be circulated by email to all users.

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Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

OCIES Invited Papers

This section is reserved for invited Elders of OCIES to provide their leadership of issues of interest to OCIES and internationally.

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Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts are first prescreened by the editorial team. Manuscripts that have the potential to be published in IEJ then undergo double blind peer review. The review process can take six to eight months for an initial decision.


Publication Frequency


IEJ:CP publishes two general volumes each calendar year in June and December. OCIES Conference Proceedings and Special Editions will be published occasionally. Refereed papers can be submitted at any time and will be processed in order of receipt.

We are a scholarly journal run by volunteers and so all of us give our time because we believe in the open access academic approach to the publishing of academic papers. Therefore, the editorial team will first decide if the paper will be sent to review. If not, you will hear within 4-8 weeks that your paper has not been accepted.

If accepted for review, it may take up to eight months for your paper to be returned to the journal. The editorial team will then contact you via the website to undertake any revisions required by the reviewers.

Reviewers can give four options for your paper: first to reject it; the second is to decline it and allow resubmission after major revisions; third, to accept it subject to minor revisions; and, fourth (very rare), to accept it without revisions (There will still be small revisions to be made to all accepted papers in the copyediting part of the process). For the second option, you will be invited to develop your paper further and make a new submission to the journal if you so choose. For the third and fourth options, if you agree to proceed, then it will depend on the time it takes for you to undertake the revisions and return your manuscript to the journal.

Once your paper is accepted for publication and all the changes have been made to the satisfaction of the editorial team, your paper will then be sent to a copyeditor. From there, again, you will be required to make any further changes to make sure your paper is of the required standard. After you have completed these changes to the satisfaction of the editor, your paper will be queued for the next available journal publication.

While this can appear a long process, we are committed to ensuring the quality of your published work and also to raise the standard of the journal over the medium term. Thank you for your interest in the journal and we hope you decide to submit a manuscript for our consideration.



Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. Authors also receive a link to the pdf of their article, which they are encouraged to disseminate as widely as possible.


Copyright Information

The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives is the official journal of the Oceania Comparative and International Education Society. The IEJ, (ISSN 1443-1475), publishes a general volume bi-annually in July and December and also publishes its Conference Procedings and Special Editions occasionally.

The IEJ utilises a non-exclusive copyright license agreement with its authors. Copies of any article listed in IEJ issues may be made only at the written consent of the IEJ Editor. Author(s) retain the right to distribute the article for teaching and research purposes, ensuring that reference to The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives is clearly stated on any copies made. The author(s) may use or re-use the article published in future collections of academic work but no more than 30% of the article can be reproduced in a book chapter. The re-used material has to be referenced to the International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives. Single images, tables or figures can be re-used with reference to International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives. If more than a single image or table are to be re-used authors must seek permission of the IEJ Editor. Authors may also make derivative works which are subject to these limitations.

All rights reserved.