IEJ:CP Volume 20(1) General Issue Published

Dear IEJ: CP Readers,

International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives (IEJ: CP) has just published its latest issue at We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of interest.

We are excited to share our latest volume with you, general issue 20(1)! The articles and book reviews in this issue span common themes of intercultural
learning, pedagogies and understanding, and take in diverse contexts for decolonising early childhood education, through to higher education, from
research with government and non-government institutions, within China, Ghana, Turkey and the United States.

We extend an apology for the slight delay to our usual publication schedule, and thank everyone involved for your patience while we continue to grapple with changing times, both institutionally and more broadly. I’d also like
to thank our committed team of sub-editors, reviewers and, of course, authors, for their dedicated work. As most of you are aware, the IEJ: CP is run on a voluntary basis, and we are committed to retaining our free,
open-access platform to share work of good quality as widely as possible. To that end, we hope that we can call upon those who are in a position to do so to contribute to this important work as reviewers. If you have not already, we encourage you to please add ‘reviewer’ to your registration profile.

We also aim to foster and support early career colleagues in contributing to and better understanding publication processes. In that capacity, the internship and mentoring programs initiated last year are well underway.
Thank you to our 2021 interns, Mariko Francis and Yi Hong, for all of your work so far this year, and to Nada Labib, as one of our inaugural interns, who has joined the Editorial Team as a regular sub-editor. Thanks, also, to our Editorial Board members for your periodical reviews and input.

We hope you find much to gain from the insights shared in this issue and that you, in turn, will share it widely with your colleagues, networks and students. Our next Special Issue, resulting from our 2020 Festival of OCIES
online conference, is on track for publication at the end of next month, with our final general issue of the year due out in December. In addition to regular articles and book reviews, these will feature our new Community Voices and Creative Works sections.

Our best wishes to you all, and thanks for the continuing interest in our work.

Alex and the IEJ: CP Team

Dr. Alexandra McCormick
Senior Editor

International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives
Vol 20, No 1 (2021)
Table of Contents

General Refereed Papers
International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives
“If it makes you happy … it can’t be that bad”  An explanatory study
of participant wellbeing during international exchange (1-19)
        Vincent Homburg,        Timo Homburg
Assessment of International-Mindedness in the International Baccalaureate
Diploma Programme Schools: A Comparative Study in Different School Contexts
in Turkey (20-40)
        Akın Metli
The Impacts of International Training Program in Pedagogy in Higher
Education  in the United States on Visiting Scholars in China (41-66)
        Yuliang Liu,    Mary Weishaar,  Huaibo Xin,     Gretchen Fricke,        Tom Lavallee
Comparative Research on the Syllabi of Child Development Course in Early
Childhood Teacher Education Program (67-80)
        Yuan He,        Samuel Samuel Song,     Azra Fanoos,    Ting Li
I will use the left hand in school and the right hand at home: A two-eyed
seeing approach (81-98)
        John Bosco Acharibasam, Janet McVittie

Book Reviews
International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives
International mindedness: global perspectives for learners and educators
        Azza Mahmoud Gamal El Din,      Solomon Arulraj David
Desire, Obligation, and Familial Love (101-103)
        Linita Manuatu

International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives