Chinese educational equity research: A historical perspective

Hongzhi Zhang


Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, there have been various discussions of educational equity during the different stages of education development. This paper focused on the historical context and current situation of educational equity research in China. It examines the discourse changes of Chinese educational equity research in the Mao and post Mao era, respectively. This paper reports academic research on educational equity almost did not exist in the Mao era. At that time, the practice of educational equity was government-led and deeply affected by political ideology.It also reports thatin the post-Mao era, especially since the 1990s, research on educational equity has rapidly developed. It introduced Western academic discourses other than Maoist and adapted them to the context of China. This paper argues that the dominant discourse of Chinese educational equity research is changed in different historical, economic and political contexts of China.


Educational equity, educational equality, Marxist, Chinese

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