Digital Storytelling, comics and new technologies in education: review, research and perspectives

Maria Sagri, Filippos Sofos, Despoina Mouzaki


This work reviews the current application of one of the most widely used techniques in education around the world: Digital Storytelling (DS), along with comic and animation tools, and presents a study about the Greek educational system as well as posing questions concerning the form of a new study, design, implementation and assessment of educational project across all educational levels. Nowadays, people and students at all educational levels in the developed world are surrounded by multiple electronic media and are familiar with a variety of pictures, video and information from early childhood. The educational process, as it proceeds in parallel with fast technological and societal evolution, tries to smoothly adjust new educational methods without abandoning traditional teaching and moving away from its main aim: the establishment of knowledge.


digital storytelling; comics; multimedia; education

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