Researching and theorising the local in education: Perspectives from Oceania and Asia

Hongzhi Zhang, Philip Wing Cheung Chan, G. R. (Bob) Teasdale


This paper explores the role of local knowledges and wisdoms in educational research and theorizing, drawing examples from Oceania and Asia. It draws on Chen’s idea of “internationalist localism” as a lens to explore relationships between local wisdom and traditional cultures in Oceania and Asia, and Western theories of education. Examples are drawn from the island nations of Oceania (including Papua New Guinea), Asia (including Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh) as well as Australia (including Indigenous Australian settings). In each of these examples, researchers grounded their studies in local wisdoms and traditions, albeit embedding them in broader global contexts, thus achieving, at least to some extent, the internationalist localism advocated by Chen.


Asia as method; local knowledge; wisdom; internationalist localism; global theories of education

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