WCCES Commission 6 Special Congress Issue

Various authors, IEJ


Volume 2 Number 5 July 2001
WCCES Commission 6 Special Congress Issue


K.H. Thaman
Towards culturally inclusive teacher education with specific reference to Oceania


H. Kim
The utilisation of the Cross-Cultural Awareness Programme (CCAP) for the cultivation of global understanding and local cultural identity in Korea, with particular reference to Koje Island


B. Fwu and H. Wang
Jade's transformation: A case study of teacher professional development in Taiwan


D.C. Woolman
Educational reconstruction and post-colonial curriculum development: A comparative study of four African countries


S. Choi, M.E. Cranley and J.D. Nichols
Coming to America and Becoming American: Narration of Korean Immigrant Young Men


P.D. Snider
Counselling for International Students in Western Universities: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Counselling Expectations and Services.


P. Kwok
Local knowledge and value transformation in East Asian mass tutorial schools


C. de Wet
A media discourse analysis of racism in South African schools


O.I.W. Jagusah
Educational policy in Africa and the issue(s) of context: The case of Nigeria and South Africa


T. Quetgles-Pons
Losing cultural diversity in Europe?


K. Wong and Q. Wen
The impact of university education on conceptions of learning: A Chinese study

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