International Education Journal, 8 (1) 2007


  • Various authors, IEJ


Volume 8 Number 1 April 2007

Bringing critical thinking to the education of developing country professionals
Richmond, J.E.D.

Elementary school curriculum reform in Turkey
Koc, Y., Isiksal, M. and Bulut, S.

Prospective teachers' misconceptions about the atomic structure in the context of electrification by friction and an activity in order to remedy them
Sarikaya, M.

The development of ethnobotany curriculum for students in rural schools: An approach that incorporates the needs and insights of local communities
Kraipeerapun, K.

The transitory phase to the attainment of self-regulatory skill in mathematical problem solving
Lazakidou, G., Paraskeva, F. and Retalis, S.

Instructional activities of staff personnel in the affective domain in selected secondary schools in southern Nigeria
Olubor, R.O. and Ogonor, B.O.

Teacher turnover in Malawi's ministry of education: Realities and challenges
Kayuni, H. and Tambulasi, R.

Responding to the needs of the community: Examining the educational opportunities for girls in rural Malawi
Sankhulani, L.

Faculty perspectives regarding graduate international students' isolation from host national students
Trice, A.G.

Parental participation in pupils' homework in Kenya: In search of an inclusive policy
Ogoye-Ndegwa, C., Saisi-Mengich, W. and Abidha, O.

Choreographing learning in developmental psychology utilising multi-generational genograms and reflective journal writing
van Schalkwyk, G.J.

Establishing the need for cross-cultural and global issues research
Zhao, Y., Lin, L. and Hoge, J.D.

From decentralisation to centralisation of community secondary schools in Botswana: A community disfranchisement in education
Moswela, B.

Lingering effects of the past on a university merger process in post-apartheid South Africa
Mabokela, R.O. and Wei, N.

Education reforms in Indonesia in the twenty-first century

Internationalisation of higher education in Hong Kong
Pretor Fok, W.

Measuring student course evaluations: The use of a loglinear model
Ting, D.H. and Abella, M.S.

Telling his or her story through reflective journals
Maarof, N.

Self-regulated learning and academic achievement in Malaysian undergraduates
Kosnin, A.M.

Short-term international experiences and teacher language awareness
Harbon, L.

Children's judgments of parental fairness: An Indian perspective
Laddu, N. and Kapadia, S.

Interethnic relations: A case study of senior students at an Australian high school
Willoughby, L.

After school arts program serves as real-world teaching lab
Lampert, N.

Introducing the 'linguistic turn' to history education
Yilmaz, K.






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