Educational Research Conference 2006 and Cultural Inclusivity through Publishing Special Issue

Various authors, IEJ


Volume 8 Number 2 November 2007

Kevin Marjoribanks: A life in education in context
Russell, A.

Issues in language learning
Keeves, J.P. and Darmawan, I.G.N.

A tension for Spanish teachers' professional development: "skills to carry out your job" or continuing "�personal cultural knowledge and attributes"?
Berniz, K.

Key factors that influence recruiting young Chinese students
Wang, Z.

More than prize lists: Head teachers, student prize winners, school ceremonies and educational promotion in colonial South Australia
Young, M.

Multi-level selective classes for gifted students
Henderson, L.

Extending the multiple-goal perspective to tertiary classroom goal structures
James, V. and Yates, S.M.

Students amid pedagogic change: Partners or pawns?
Haseloff, M.

Cognitive concomitants of interactive board use and their relevance to developing effective research methodologies
Geer, R. and Barnes. A.

Can indicators on school websites be used to determine the level of ICT integration and ICT leadership in schools?
Maio-Taddeo, C.

DBRIEF: A research paradigm for ICT adoption
Dix, K.L.

Students' critical thinking skills in a Thai ICT schools pilot project
Rumpagaporn. M.W. and Darmawan, I.G.N.

Teachers' (mis) understandings of resilience
Green, D., Oswald, M. and Spears, B.

Planning for learning: An exploration of reception teachers' attitudes and practices around the South Australian School Entry Assessment Policy
Lees, P.J.

Educational investment in conflict areas of Indonesia: The case of West Papua Province
Mollet, J.A.

Professional socialisation of valuers: Program directors perspective
Page, G.

Creativity, problem solving and innovative science: Insights from history, cognitive psychology and neuroscience
Aldous, C.R.

Gender differences in mathematical problem solving patterns: A review of literature
Zhu, Z.

Learning content, physics self-efficacy, and female students' physics course-taking
Zhu, Z.

Teachers' perceptions of their professional learning activities
Yates, S.M.

Undergraduate nurse variables that predict academic achievement and clinical competence in nursing
Blackman, I., Hall, M. and Darmawan, I.G.N.

Is the Aggression Questionnaire bias free? A Rasch analysis
Abd-El-Fattah, S.M.

X-ray your data with Rasch
Curtis, D.D. and Boman, P.

A Rasch analysis of the Teachers Music Confidence Scale
Yim, H., Abd-El-Fattah, S. and Lee, L.

Inside The Contract Zone: White teachers in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands
Schulz, S.

Work and family roles of women in Ho Chi Minh City
Tran, P.P.

Growing physical, social and cognitive capacity: Engaging with natural environments
Johnson, P.

Prospective teachers' perspectives on teaching and social justice
Boyd, R., Wadham, B. and Jewell, P.

Family, learning environments, learning approaches, and student outcomes in a Malaysian private university
Kek, M.A., Darmawan, I.G.N. and Chen, Y.S.

Emergence of professional identity for the pre-service teacher
Cattley, G.

On how to solve the problem of the avoidance of phrasal verbs in the Chinese context
Chen, J.

Inspired Learning: Creating engaged teaching and learning environments for university and school students through university to school mentor programs
Koerner, C. and Harris, J.

Your place or mine? Evaluating the perspectives of the Practical Legal Training work experience placement through the eyes of the supervisors and the students
Spencer, R.

A Rasch analysis of the Academic Self-Concept Questionnaire
Tan, J.B.Y. and Yates, S.M. Cultural Inclusivity through Publishing Special Papers

Prospective teachers' knowledge: Concept of division
Rizvi, N.F. and Lawson, M.J.

Influence of the democratic climate of classrooms on student civic learning in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Mapiasse, S.

Variation in learning styles in a group of Chinese English as a foreign language learners
Wang, L.

Students' pedagogical knowledge about teachers' use of questions
Tran, T.A.T. and Lawson, M.

Learning English outside the classroom: Case study of tuk-tuk drivers in Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya
Wongthon, Y. and Sriwanthana, S.
The comparison of students' use of metacognitive reading strategies between reading in Bahasa Indonesia and in English
Vianty, M.

Islamic view of nature and values: Could these be the answer to building bridges between modern science and Islamic science
Faruqi, Y.M.Vocabulary acquisition strategies of Indonesian postgraduate students through reading
Subekti, N.B. and Lawson, M.J.

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