Working towards the assurance of graduate attributes for Indigenous cultural competency: The case for alignment between policy, professional development and curriculum processes

Veronica Goerke, Marion Kickett, PhD


In the Australian higher education environment, often preoccupied
with internationalisation of education and associated issues around
intercultural competencies, there is an uncomfortable awareness of the
commensurate lack of attention on ‘Indigenisation of the curriculum’
and the interconnected ‘Indigenous cultural competencies’. This paper
supports the argument that the optimum way for graduates to attain
attributes connected to Australian Indigenous cultural competence, is for
them to be in a learning environment where the staff they encounter also
exhibit these attributes. To achieve success in this sphere, alignment is
essential between key policies and plans, staff professional development
and curriculum design. Such an alignment will give impetus to resolving
the overall lack of knowledge and awareness within Australian universities
around Indigenous cultural competence and knowledge. The case of one
university presents an example of how this issue is playing out in the
Australian tertiary sector.

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