Curriculum renewal in the stabilisation and early recovery phases of reconstruction in a Small Island Developing State.

Michael James Longhurst


The curriculum is the master control program of any education system. In this paper it describes the content that students learn, the pedagogy endorsed to teach that content, the assessment system used to measure learning and the certification protocols that authenticate that assessment. In nations recovering from a disaster or rebuilding after conflict, the imperatives of education are submerged in the plethora of more immediate concerns of a nascent government. In that environment, a school curriculum is unlikely to receive considered philosophical or theoretical consideration and the temptation is to either adopt a foreign curriculum or re-establish the old curriculum without any evaluation of its suitability for the emerging nation. This paper is a curriculum primer for first responders and consultants who find themselves in that situation and a reference guide for the Ministers and government officials who will be required to approve aid funding for a curriculum program.


assessment, curriculum, education aid, pedagogy, small island developing state, systems thinking

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