The influence of student engagement with online pre laboratory work modules on academic performance in first year chemistry

Alexandra Yeung, Siegbert Schmid, Roy Tasker, Janine Miller


Information and communications technologies are increasingly being incorporated into teaching activities in higher education. They offer the opportunity to improve student learning experiences provided they are used in an educationally sound way. This may be through triggering student interest, improving engagement and, in turn, helping students to develop a deeper understanding of particular concepts. A previous study examined students’ engagement with two specific online prelaboratory work modules to determine how students engage with them, and correlate this engagement with learning style (Tasker, Miller, Kemmett and Bedgood Jnr 2003). The present study extends that work with a broader range of students and on a much larger scale, to investigate the claim that student engagement with these modules improves academic performance in first year chemistry.

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