A Memory from the Agent


  • Tim Curnow Independent writer


Laurie Clancy


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Author Biography

Tim Curnow, Independent writer

Tim Curnow is a Literary Agent and Consultant. He has been a fiction judge for the NSW Premier’s Award, Director of the Janet Frame Society (UK), a publisher, a book-seller, literary advisor, and a director of the Curtis Brown Group, literary agents. His publications include chapters in the ANZ Writers Handbook, The Inward Sun: Celebrating the Life and the work of Janet Frame, and My Favourite Teacher, as well as newspaper articles on Ruth Park and Janet Frame. He is the son of the distinguished New Zealand poet Alan Curnow, and has contributed to a number of ABC Radio national programs on Australian and New Zealand culture. He lives in Sydney, and was long-time literary agent for Laurie Clancy.He represented a number of writers of inerest to Laurie. These included Dymphna Cusack, Hugh Atkinson, Ken Cook, Eleanor Dark, David Malouf, Barbara Hanrahan, Alan Marshall, Ruth Park, D’Arcy Niland, James Aldridge, David Foster, Gabrielle Lord, David Brooks, David Ireland, David Martin.