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Vol 11, No 1 (2011): Special Issue: Archive Madness

A book from the Bodleian Library, Oxford University.

Image source: Oxford University Library Services: Conservation and Collection Care. 2005 University of Oxford. Viewed 23rd September 2011.


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Vol 10 (2010): Currents, Cross-Currents, Undercurrents

Randolph Stow at his Typewriter at Dairy Farm Cottages, East Bergholt village, Suffolk

Photographed by Graeme Kinross-Smith (Graeme Kinross-Smith Collection)

See also in this issue a photo essay by Graeme Kinross-Smith
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Vincent Buckley Special Issue (2010)

Edited by Bridie McCarthy, John McLaren, Damien Barlow, Penelope Buckley, Charon Freebody and Lyn McCredden.

Cover image with permission from Penelope Buckley.


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Vol 9 (2009)

Edited by Paul Genoni, Tanya Dalziell, Frances Devlin-Glass and Susan Lever.

Michael Leunig's I Love A Sunburnt Country with permission from Michael Leunig.

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Special Issue: Australian Literature in a Global World

Edited by Wenche Ommundsen and Tony Simoes da Silva.

Bronwyn Bancroft, One Family One Earth with the permission of the artist


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Vol 8 (2008)

Edited by Susan Lever, Tanya Dalziell and Paul Genoni.

Cover image of Ned Kelly aged 15 (1870) and his letter to Sergeant Babington reproduced with permission of the Public Record Office Victoria.

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Special Issue: The Colonial Present

Special Issue 2008: The Colonial Present edited by Gillian Whitlock and Victoria Kuttainen.

This volume publishes articles developed from papers given at the 2007 ASAL conference in Brisbane.


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Vol 7 (2007)

JASAL 7 (2007) edited by Susan Lever and Philip Mead.  JASAL 7, the third issue published in 2007, includes a range of articles on Australian literary history and biography, current literary debate and the work of contemporary Australian novelists.  This issue also publishes reviews of recent books on Australian writing and publishing.

Cover based on cover illustration for Kerry Greenwood's Murder on the Ballarat Train. Permission from Allen & Unwin, North Sydney.

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Vol 6 (2007)

JASAL 6 (2007) edited by Philip Mead and Susan Lever.

This volume of JASAL includes Carmen Lawrence's Dorothy Green lecture on the 'Reading Sickness'. It also publishes articles on Australian literature and literary history, some first delivered as papers at the 2006 ASAL conferences, and eleven book reviews.

Cover still from Dad Rudd M.P. dir.Ken G.Hall, Cinesound, 1940. Reproduced by  permission of Cinesound Movietone.

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Spectres, Screens, Shadows, Mirrors: JASAL Special Issue 2007

Special Issue 2007: Spectres, Screens, Shadows, Mirrors edited by Tanya Dalziell and Paul Genoni. This issue publishes articles developed from papers given at the July 2006 ASAL conference in Perth.

Cover image: UNKNOWN 'Eye' pendant, 19th Century, 9 carat gold, painted image, glass, 4.5cm x 3.3cm x 0.5 cm, gift of Dr Rose Toussaint, 1994, Art Gallery of Western Australia. Permission from the Art Gallery of Western Australia.


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Vol 5 (2006)

Edited by Barbara Milech and Philip Mead, this is the first issue of JASAL to be published both in print and online.

Detail from Norman B. Tindale's 'Map showing the distribution of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia' 1940, reproduced with the permission of Government Publishing South Australia


2000: Australian Literary Studies in the 21st Century

Proceedings of the 2000 ASAL conference, Hobart, edited by Philip Mead.


1999: Australian Writing and the City

Refereed Proceedings of the 1999 Conference, held at New South Wales Writers' Centre, Sydney, 2-6 July 1999, edited by Fran de Groen and Ken Stewart


1998: Australian Literature and the Public Sphere

Refereed Proceedings of the 1998 Conference, Toowoomba 3-7 July 1998, edited by Alison Bartlett, Robert Dixon and Christopher Lee


1997: Land and Identity: Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Conference

Held at the University of New England, Armidale, 27-30 September 1997, edited by Jennifer McDonell and Michael Deves



1995: Crossing Lines: Formations of Australian Culture

Proceedings of the seventeenth Annual Conference, Adelaide, 1995, edited by Caroline Guerin, Philip Butterss and Amanda Nettelbeck


1994: ASAL Sixteenth Annual Conference 3-8 July 1994 Proceedings

Papers given at the ASAL conference of 1994, held at the University of New South Wales Australian Defence Force Academy campus in Canberra, convened by Susan Lever and Catherine Pratt.

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