Front matter and Introduction - Journal of the Sydney Society for Scottish History, Volume 5 (1997)

Elizabeth Ann Bonner


Braveheartand William Wallace: Myth and Reality

Tbis volume of the Journal of the Sydney Society for Scottish History is a departure from the previous four volumes in that it firstly, presents the arms on the cover of our Treasurer, Major lain MacLulich E.D., a Scottish Armiger,! and secondly publishes the papers, presented by members of the Society at the University of Sydney's Centre for Continuing Education at a study-day, 'Braveheart and William Wallace: Myth and Reality', which was held to commemorate the 700th Anniversary of the battle of Stirling Bridge when the Scots, commanded by William Wallace, defeated an English army on 11th September 1297, and in which it examined the myth and reality of the film Braveheart in the context of Scottish history, warfare, literature and society.

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