Front matter and Introduction - Journal of the Sydney Society for Scottish History, Volume 7 (1999)


  • Elizabeth Bonner


In the previous volume of the Journal of the Sydney Society for Scottish History (6) it was indicated that this volume (7) would publish chapter 3 of my Ph.D. thesis: 'The First Phase of the Politique of Henri II in Scotland, its Genesis and the Nature of the 'Auld Alliance', 1547-1554' (Sydney University, 1993). As mentioned in volume 6, these two issues have departed from the usual format of the Journal and, in this volume, by the introduction for the first time of illustrations. These clearly demonstrate iconographic evidence of Henri II's Imperialism: his plans to succeed Charles V as Holy Roman Emperor, which formed an important part of his politique in Scotland, by marrying his son and heir to Mary Queen of Scots and annexing Scotland to the kingdom of France as a first step in his ambition to bring the entire British Isles within the orbit of his power.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Bonner