Front matter and Introduction - Journal of the Sydney Society for Scottish History, Volume 13 (2010)

Sybil M. Jack


This volume is assembled as a tribute to Malcolm Broun OAM QC from his friends inthe Sydney Scottish History Society and the Scottish Australian Heritage Council. Forthe past twenty five years in between work on family law in Australia, serving onlegal committees on family and tax law, writing one of the key text books on thesubject, running Asian conferences on such matters and appearing as a senior barristerin all the Law Courts in Australia, Malcolm has been at the forefront of promotingScottish and Celtic studies, particularly at his alma mater, the University of Sydney,where he was prominent in promoting the Celtic Studies Foundation. His energeticparticipation was also to be found in many other committees and the communityinvolved in promoting knowledge and study of Celtic studies, the Scottish past andthe Scottish Diaspora groups such as the Scottish-Polish Club, the Auld AllianceAssociation, and to the Dalhousie Society. This saw a resurgence in interest in allthings Celtic in the wider community.

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