The Future of Religion: A Dialogue with Santiago Zabala

Jens Viggo Nielsen


The future of religion: A dialogue with Santiago Zabala took place in Rome on 25 Septmber 2006. The following is Jens Viggo Nielsen's first question to Zabala.

"Jens Viggo Nielsen (JVN): I imagine that during our conversation we will talk a lot about your book, 'The future of religion', which will be our point of departure today. You have already worked with Gianni Vattimo for about ten years. Back in 2003 you edited his book, 'Nihilism and emancipation', and lately you have also published other books together, as well as periodicals. Furthermore, I understand that the next book you are doing together will be a co-authored one bearing the title 'From Within: De-constructing Capitalism through Globalization'. But you have also written about topics "all your own", i.e. about the philosophy of Ernst Tugendhat. In short, how would you define your own position, as compared to the weak thought of Gianni Vattimo?

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