Greek as Self: Australian Division and Convergence

Patricia Riak


Many years ago, the ancient Greeks created mirror craftsmanship and a student learned the very delicate art of sand polishing a metal until they created a reflective surface without scratching it. The result was that the mirror was highly polished at the front that gave the reflection. From this invention, the ancient Greeks invented the mirror that formed two disks that closed like a clamshell: one mirror was highly polished and the other was unpolished and served as a protective cover. This paper is a metaphoric division and convergence in that it is both reflective and protective. For a Greek to meet with the reflection of selfunderstanding, it is sometimes clear and reflective, sometimes blurred and reflec - tive, sometimes clear and protective, sometimes blurred and protective. Selfreflection is not of just a single self but a cultural and historical understanding that deflects to gaze upon images from native and intellectual cultures framing it.

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