Editor's Note

CA. Cranston


This first volume of AJE comes out of the ‘Sounding the Earth: Music, Language and Acoustic Ecology’ conference held in Launceston, Tasmania, in 2010. While the essays in this volume all touch, in some way, the ideas of music, language, and acoustic ecology, the ‘place’ of human-made music occupies the work of Bruce Watson, and John Parham. Language, specifically the language of Nature Writing, is historicised in Noelene Kelly’s work; the non-human music and language of trees (Barbara Holloway) and birds (Hollis Taylor) shift the focus to acts of listening, seeing, and representation. Isabelle Delmotte explores the sounds of silence in filmic media, and provides examples and an overview of what is meant by ‘acoustic ecology’. 


Cultural ecology; ecocriticism; green studies

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