Phylogenetic position of Meteoromyrtus (Myrtaceae)

Peter G Wilson, Margaret M Heslewood


We investigated the phylogenetic affinities of the rare and threatened Indian species Meteoromyrtus wynadensis (Bedd.) Gamble. Sequences from the ITS and ETS regions of nrDNA and the trnK/matK and psbA–trnH regions of the plastid genome were compiled in a 45 taxon dataset augmented by sequences from Genbank. Phylogenetic analysis using maximum parsimony and Bayesian approaches showed that Meteoromyrtus is deeply embedded in Eugenia and sister to E. reinwardtiana in a clade with other Old World taxa. The evidence clearly indicates that the genus should be considered a synonym of Eugenia and that the species should henceforth be known by its original name E. wynadensis Bedd.


Molecular phylogeny; Myrtaceae; Meteoromyrtus, Eugenia, Calycolpus

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