Three’s a crowd: a revision of the monotypic family Goebeliellaceae (Porellales: Jungermanniopsida).

Matt Renner


Three species of Goebeliella are here recognized on morphological evidence. The three species can be distinguished by a range of qualitative and quantitative characters, including width of the hyaline leaf-border, leaf lobe cell wall thickening and wall internal structure, horn shape and anatomy, and female bract shape and conformation. The type specimen of G. cornigera was collected in New Zealand, and agrees in all respects with other individuals from that country. Goebeliella cornigera is endemic to New Zealand. The other two species are endemic to New Caledonia, and both are present in the syntype material of G. bicornuta, which is reinstated and lectotypified. No other names have been published within Goebeliella, leaving the second species from New Caledonia without a name. The name Goebeliella glauca is proposed for this new species.


liverwort; plant systematics; morphology; lobules

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