Triunia names and lectotypifications: reply to Guymer and Forster

Peter Maurice Olde


The recent recognition of Triunia kittredgei Olde (Olde 2015) has been challenged by G.P. Guymer and
P. Forster (2015) who have suggested that the name should be rejected and that the application of previous
names should continue to apply in the genus Triunia L.A.S.Johnson & B.G.Briggs. They have argued that
two varietal lectotypifications in Helicia youngiana C.Moore & F.Muell. by H. Sleumer (1955), varieties later
recognised as species in the genus Triunia, should be overturned in favour of two later lectotypifications by
D. Foreman (Foreman 1986). Their arguments are here separately examined and refuted.


Triunia; Proteaceae; Nomenclature

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