New species and new records of buellioid lichens (Physciaceae, Ascomycota) from New Zealand

John A. Elix, Helmut Mayrhofer


Amandinea rangitatensis Elix & H.Mayrhofer, Buellia haywardii Elix, A.Knight & H.Mayrhofer, B. maungatuensis Elix & H.Mayrhofer, B. papanui Elix & H.Mayrhofer, and Tetramelas allisoniae Elix, H.Mayrhofer & Glenny are described as new to science. Rinodinella fertilis var. hypostictica (Elix) Elix is recorded for the first time from New Zealand. Tetramelas allisoniae also occurs in Tasmania.


Amandinea, biodiversity, Buellia, lichens, plant systematics, taxonomy, Tetramelas

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